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P3 Transform provides end-to-end services for ARIS platform setup, configuration, and transformation of business processes. We offer our customers leading solutions that cover all areas of the organization activities and assures end-to-end integration of the processes ECO system.
Our team consist of internationally experienced Business Process Management (BPM) experts with over 100 ARIS projects delivered between the team members; We are specialised in enabling larger scale business processes changes, technology transformation, and implementation of new operating models.


Rapid deployment and configuration of ARIS servers
  • AS-IS Process Services\Services Maturity Assessment
  • Configuration Assessment Report
  • ARIS Configuration Guiding Principles
  • ARIS Architecture Roadmap
  • ARIS Convention Filters Setup
Holistic governance of process modeling and change control
  • ARIS Modelling Convention Manual
  • ARIS Governance Framework (Compliance, Change, Update, Interfaces Management)
  • A rapid conversation of existing process
  • Processes Blueprint Framework
  • ARIS Quick Reference Cards
Sustain your process management as enabling function
  • ARIS Model Optimization (integrate AS-IS process models with org structure, services, strategy, capabilities, and KPIs)
  • ARIS Process modelers training
  • ARIS Process owners training
  • ARIS Process quality assurers training
Configuration and setup of customized reports
  • ARIS Based Services Reports
  • ARIS Based Capability Reports
  • ARIS Based Process References for Job Description
  • ARIS Connect Process Portal Setup

ARIS Overview

20 Hilmanton, Lower Earley, Reading, RG6 4HN, United Kingdom
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